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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Roger's position in the next three years (Our assumptions)

So what is our take on Roger's role in the next three years?

1.  Roger has not retired because he has NO suitable candidate in his party to elect.  Each of them is either debating retirement or are tainted with corruption in the public eye.  The next three years, or less, he needs to find a successor. 

2.  The problem is he can elect anyone on his board right now.  We are sure he is ready.  His pension is topped.  The problem is he has to part with his war chest and find someone who is ready to take the tax increase heats coming.  Someone leading the Titanic under.

3.  Therefore, this is no easy task.  With Roger debating on sitting on other boards for extra money, he will try to influence this next person.  We will call this candidate "the puppet".

4.  His last recourse is to drop before the next election, and let elections take its course.  Since he is never one to allow fair elections, we doubt this one.

5.  Currently he takes direction from Kavinaugh, but you won't find this out of towner running.  He makes too much in the residual lawsuits he gets.  $140K salary is chump change.  We do, however, know he will be at the bottom of this direction, pulling all puppet strings.

6.  In finality, there is no saving the path of destruction.  The next Mayor will take all the crap and will try to rebuild.  It is not a job many would want.  There are no rewards in that. 

A message from Bonnie

Congratulations residents who voted for Roger a few years ago instead of voting for me.  Congratulations to the residents who did not even vote that year.  You got exactly what I said you would get if Roger was back in office. 

You got slashed safety services and a nice big fat 24% raise this year alone in Village Taxes.  So why aren't you celebrating?  You won, right?

You allowed Roger and his group to slander my name, to jeopardize my daughter and my own safety, and run up bills in your name.  All because I saw the numbers and told you about it.  They tried to get me to shut up.  They tried to hide it.  They illegally booted me off the ballot twice.  They threatened my family.  They even public ally called me a murderer. 

So celebrate!  Enjoy your success of the election win...  I hope it is worth it, you get what you voted for.

In 2009 I ran on exposing corruption and exposing the truth.  I exposed the large bond debt that the current administrations ran up and told you the bonds had to be paid.  People would loose their jobs.  Taxes would continue to skyrocket.  Matter of fact I think I estimated by 2020 Bolingbrook would be completely bankrupt and almost a ghost town.  This is the year I said it would start to happen. *puff, magic*

Some people said my PhD was not enough.  Some said my experience in owning and running my own businesses was not enough.  Some even say the thousands of $ I spent to inform others was not enough. 

I couldn't have given you more.  I offered my time, energy, talent, education, experience, and a love of Bolingbrook, to try to save you all from the pending disaster that has ruined my childhood community.  The community that I love. 

So let's get down to it.  What % of Police, fire, etc. has been cut from safety in three years.  How many more in the next 7?  Your taxes are being paid for the sole purpose of safety, but 80% of it is not going to that.  It goes to the top heavy admin salaries. 

How could our village taxes jump so much in one year?  Because Roger is in his last year of elections, so let the bonds come due.  Oh, he won't admit that he is leaving, or he cannot keep taking war chest funds, which he will give to his favorite charity soon.  wink, wink...  Maybe that charity puts him on salary, huh?

Next, it will be the passing of higher salaries so he makes more in his retirement pension.  There is nobody to stop him, so why not? 

Oh, I'm sorry, did you think he cared? 

Meanwhile, more bonds are being taken out for utilities, high risk business ventures are crashing, and bonds are due.  Each year taxes will continue to skyrocket.  Buildings and homes remain vacant. 

The question is, "who will buy your $100K home when your annual property tax is $18K?"  When the tax passes the monthly payment, you are stuck.  You have to file bankruptcy.  The town will become more vacant.

On top of that, how do you like all the taxes on food and hotel that you pay?  What other items will be taxed to help pay these debilitating bonds? 
Is what you pay to the school district worth the education they are getting?  Is VVSD the Harvard of IL? 

I have never in my life uttered the words "I told you so" until today.  You got what you voted for.  Celebrate your success!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Local Elections Cause Bolingbrook Report to go dark

It is a sad day when the Bolingbrook Report shuts up.  The reason?  The same ol' elected officials are running unopposed in the local elections coming up.  Despite the fact that they have ran up the highest amount of bonds for a village in all of Illinois, while claiming they are Republican...  Despite the fact that one member drives drunk and one is a hot tempered thief, and the rest of them lied to residents repeatedly.  Despite the fact all of them have stepped on many residents to get where they are, for little in return other than being seen as morally corrupt.... Need we go on? 

Over the past 6 years we have seen the FBI push them to the back burner, despite the crimes they have committed against the residents.  The words "Small fish in big pond" was used often.  We have seen one candidate run against the Mayor, and be booted off the ballot twice by the Mayor's slate who got to vote if she stayed or went, and whom still immorally booted her off.  (Talk about wrong!).  We have seen them call this same candidate a "killer", and get sued for it, on your tax dime. 

We have seen another gentleman, who spoke at meetings, have his house burned down, and a year later thrown in jail.  While the police claim innocent on who told the States Attorney to arrest him, and the police losing evidence? 

We have seen people like Devon, passed up for scholarships over Jim Mitchems son.  We saw teachers stalking students. 

Even worse, we have seen people pocketing money.  The DuPage Township Supervisor was giving winning bids to a phone company, of which he worked in sales by day.  We saw the same man take conference dollars to a school, not township, conference, get sloshed, and make us look bad.  Drew Peterson did not help that either.

We see large bids get passed in the village, while million dollar war chests get filled by those companies.  We see losing money every day in properties taxpayers purchased, like the golf course. 

We see one man, an attorney, pulling strings of a puppet called the "Mayor" to bank money.  Another pulling puppet strings the other way to advance Republican power hold.  Manipulating the system against good candidates and lying to the public.

We see the taxes skyrocketing from the poorly run school board, while leaving top heavy admin. in charge.  We see public officials donating your tax dollars to their private charities. We see them making excuses to pay bonuses of $66K without a written contract.

We have seen a lot over the years.  This election is no different.  You get what you voted for.  There were others that ran you could have voted for. Honest and respectable individuals that could have helped Bolingbrook.  They could have stopped the spending, corruption, and poor morals.  They could have stopped the puppet strings.

All we can offer as advice for voting this season, is to stay AWAY from anyone in office currently, or one that has aligned themselves with someone in office.  The only exception  is Shirley V.  She stands alone.

For the school board, we suggest only candidates that are NOT aligned with any of Claar or Quigley's hold. 

For the Township, we suggest Shirley and anyone NOT aligned with Bill Mayer.  This group not only lies about candidates, but they steal signs, banners, and run dirty campaigns.

For the Village Board, your all screwed.  Let's pray the Mayor retires early. 

Most of all, keep an eye out for the dirty campaigners.  If they cover others signs, yank signs, steal signs, and lie about their opponents, you know how they do business. 

Good luck, God Bless, and when all else fails and you can't take it anymore, move!

Update on Devon Hodges

Devon is doing well, and his family is happy.  The courts refused to throw out his case and it is moving forward.  We pray for the family for the injustice that was done to this young Bolingbrook High Graduate who was held back for scholarships because he was competing against children whose parents hold power in the community.  We will keep you updated!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Election News

We are gearing up for the local elections.  Stay tuned, as news is coming soon!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Bonnie, Bob, Rhonda... where are you?

We reached out to Bonnie, Bob, and Rhonda to get their take on this years election season.  Here is what is happening with them...

Bonnie has had a huge boom to her business and has found herself overwhelmed with work this year.  Her travels and workload have kept her away from Bolingbrook for many recent weeks.  However, she has promised she has not gone away and will make her move when the timing is right!

Bob has been busy with family and his recent adoption of two children from Ethiopia.  He promises he has not gone away, but family is his first priority.

Rhonda is working on building her professional career this year and will soon be testing in her field for more credentials.  She has not gone away, and still involves herself with responding to articles when she can. 

So although this election cycle does not include these three, be aware that they have more in store for Bolingbrook soon.  The Mayor should count his blessings that their current successes have taken them out of his hair temporarily.  But dont celebrate long, as they are willing to back the right person running against his party (village, school board, Township, or Library!)

Welcome to the 2013 election season kick off!

Everyone is dying to know what is in store for 2013.  First, there is a local election.  Yes, again!  There is one every two years.  This time, the Mayor is up for re-election, and barring any write in candidates submitted, will be running unopposed.  Most of the trustees are returning for election, however, Sandra Swinkunas has stepped down.  This opens the door for newcomer Dombrowski to make his move.  I am sure that this will be a tense election, as we are likely to see all his signs removed, cops called on the current trustees again, and the same old nastiness when someone runs against this team.  However, some things will be changing...

First, will the Green Mustang man loose his lucrative job supplied by the Village as the security for VVSD?  Remember, he was spotted numerous times stealing signs, and had the police go to his home for missing campaign signs.  Then he lands this wonderful job after the elections.  But will he risk the position to assist in an election again when he has already been rewarded for his past efforts?

Second, will Morales ensure that nobody in his subdivision put up signs for the new candidate, and if they do, will he steal those?  This time we are ready with hidden cameras Ricky!  :)

Third, will the Mayor announce his predecessor within the first year?  If so, a lot is at stake for whom still sits on the board.  This means, none of the current or future board members can or will be allowed to commit any felony acts, in order to keep their seats.

Fourth, will Lawler call the police for soliciting on all campaign w2orkers (other then his own parties) that come down his street?  Even though he knows that campaigning is not soliciting?

Fifth, Will the Mayor be extra cautious with driving this year if drinking?  The last election this was a bonus for us when a newspaper happened to catch him falling into his vehicle after a cancer children's fundraiser at the Golf Club.  I don't think as a fellow reporter, I can ever say I had ever gotten an under cover video such as this in my lifetime.  It made the books and youtube blew up! In my opinion, it showed him throughout the night drinking, spilling, changing into new shirts, then driving...  Even driving erratically and through red lights.  Some say they would drive like that if followed, while others look at the bigger picture and ask, "why was he even driving?". 

As we know these are all sore subjects, we are just looking to see where the local residents will go to get a good story in time for election.  Even though there are not a lot of people running, residents who want this monopolizing party out will come out in full force.  So stories are rolling in and writers are ready.  We look forward to a fun campaign season!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ken Cygan a Roger Stooge?

Two years ago we reported that Ken Cygan was connected to Roger's party.  Some unfortunate Democrats supported him, which was appauling.  I mean, who serves on a Democratic party and gets signatures for a Republican to get on the ballot?  Well, he lied to his voters by telling them he was independent.  We told the public he was not independent.  Two years later, Roger Claar publically has supported him, and is assisting him to win a new office. 

Stay tuned to the truth, here on the Bolingbrook Report!

Who is running for office?

As information arrives, we will be posting information on whom is running this year for office and what position will be up for re-election.  Stay tuned for more information!

Bolingbrook Local Election Kickoff for Spring Election

Yes, the Mayoral race is back and ready for a run.  Some candidates, either running for Trustee, school, etc, have picked up their packets and begin the process of gathering signatures to get on the local ballots.

Did you know that IL is the final state to use this process?  Since the process itself is corrupt, all other states have abandoned this process.

Just last week, the Democratic party candidates were removed from the ballot on a technicality by the Republican Party attorney (Yes, we are speaking of Dick Kavinaugh).  They fought to stay back on and won.  However, this is not the last time we will hear about this.

So what is new?  Some local candidates have bi-passed the local offices when picking up the petitions.  They have gone past the local offices and right to Will County.  (No more being booted off ballots because Republican Carol Penning gives them the wrong packet, sheets, advice, etc.)  Some of these local candidates are also using attorneys who are sick of the current Republican party not allowing people on the ballot.  "Leave the choice to the residents on voting", is the new philosophy. 

Are the current office holders nervous?  You bet!  They are looking for information.  For example, Roger Claar used his Linked In account a few days ago to search for Bob Bowen's information.  Are they gathering info?  Are they worried about his experience and # of votes in the last election?  Are they trying to get information to twist facts?  Whatever the purpose, Claar has a reason to be worried. Election season brings out the worst in the Republican Party candidates and their loyal Hitler like followers.  Just two years ago Trustee Morales snapped because people in his neighborhood put up signs for the opposition.  Just two years before that, they waged an attack on Bonnie Alicea, just because she wanted to run for office.  The outcome?  Pure ugliness....  And as always, we will be here to post when the ugliness comes out... This is the fall show of the season!