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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Clow Airport Needs to Allow Aliens to Land

The Bolingbrook Babbler reminds people of the aliens that land at Clow Airport.  However, if they did land, we would probably not sustain the annual losses each year.

The airport is notorious for continuing to expand a runway, widen a runway, add expensive buildings, but they are not notorious for having a profit.

In the 2010 financial the operating revenues were $391K and the operating losses were $109K.  They can never turn a $1 profit, thus costing tax payers money each year.

What we want to point out is that the amount of land that they sit on is worth a big deal of money.  If we built homes there, businesses there, or other things there, taxpayers would have more taxes in the kitty and less taxes to pay for property and sales.  So not only is this a losing business venture, but keeping it open is keeping our taxes high as residents.

Although we get a kick out of the Babbler articles on Clow space station (airport), we think he has a point.  It is out of our world to keep running it as a loss and keeping the land while dumping millions in bond debt to add to it when it could never pay off these additions. 

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