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Friday, March 25, 2011

We don't want to mudsling...

As I sat here watching our hits climb today to over 500 before 2pm, I wanted to put the word out that in no way, shape, or form are we using the election to mud sling opponents. 

When we reported the news on Rick Morales, it is because that is huge news and impacts local elections.  Same is true for Ken Cygan.  Had anyone in this race done either of these two things, we would have reported it.  This is why there is the article about Ruth.  Although we felt she was one that we would endorse, does not mean that she would not step out of line.  Therefore, we reported it.

We are a Watch Dog Group, no matter who is in office, we will continue to report.  For those we endorsed, if you get elected, you will have to contend with us. 

Over the next ten days local politics will get ugly.  We just hope that the candidates push their agendas without pushing the lies or mud slinging.  We hope that they do not take a serious mis-step and fall from the grace of the residents, as Ken and Rick have done.  Our advice to the candidates is to lay low and campaign favorably.  Tell the people what you will do for them and NEVER mention your opponents unless you want the Karma that comes with that.  We still need three people to finish the Trustee race after all!  As for us, we will report the news as always...

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